Numerous articles have been written about how to write an attractive resume. But let’s be honest, there is no general guideline that applies to all.

What does apply to all are the cv slip-ups…. those will make you stand out from the crowd but not in the way you want to.

Here are my 5 bloopers that are a fast track to the dreaded ‘not withheld’ e-mail.

· Language blunders

Despite all the spelling- and grammar checks, a vast amount of CV’s still contain errors. These language blunders become especially embarrassing when combined with the reference to your eye for…

Female leadership and the benefits of a gender-balanced management team have been trending for several years. Numerous initiatives, such the Paradigm for Parity (, are being taken to fix the corporate leadership gender gap.

Being a woman, it is one of the subjects that is closest to my heart but at the same time I am a cold lover.

I think a lot of women share the feeling that one wants to be promoted or hired for being the best at the job, not for having the right chromosomes. …

School has started, business is slowly picking up and live seems to be evolving back to a ‘new’ normal….so time has come to start blogging again.

Over the last few weeks, working practices have changed overnight. The crisis forced almost every business to immediately develop, adapt or improve remote work policies and procedures. From the look of it, these remote working practices are here to stay.

Almost every business has implemented the necessary technology to support this new way of working but the most important challenge is yet to come: how do we adapt our people practices supporting this.


One of the trends that intrigues me most is the increased use of technology in the recruitment process. Curious by nature, I have been closely following new developments in recruitment tech.

For expert positions, the use of technology has already been integrated in the selection process. I love the idea of talent marketplaces to attract freelance specialists. Through the use of chatbots and an automated initial selection process, interim agencies and specialist recruitment agencies are able to quickly screen a large number of candidates and check if their skillset matches the position requirements. …

Friday was a good day….one of my candidates got offered an employment contract, not because he was the most technically skilled but because his drive and ambition reassured my client that he would go the extra mile to achieve the desired results.

Let’s face it, it is almost impossible to hire against a perfect wish list. Every company seems to be looking for candidates in their mid-thirties with 15 years of successful experience in a similar position, preferably also in the same industry who are not too expensive …. …

Last week a candidate told me that initiatives around climate improvement and social responsibility would play a crucial role in his decision to accept an offer or not. It dawned on me that a new era has arrived where culture will prioritise over pay… or it will at least play an equally important role.

This has a significant impact on the future of talent attraction. Your culture will become a decisive factor in a candidate’s decision to choose you as employer and it can serve as a talent magnet if done right.

The rise and success of start-ups may give…

What a better way to start the year then by having a look at what will be playing in recruitment in 2020. I can hear you think ‘what a cliché’. But bear with me because as I am reading up on the latest trends, recruitment and the role of a recruiter may very well be in for a rollercoaster ride in the years to come.

There is one general tendency that you can feel across all the different articles: recruitment will be about finding the balance between making talent acquisition more human but also more technology driven. Focus is clearly…

Let me start by wishing you and your family a wonderful 2020 filled with love, health, happiness and laughter.

The start of a new year is also the typical time to make new year’s resolutions. As a strong believer in traditions, I also spend some time during the holidays deciding what I would do better or different in 2020.

One of those resolutions (it might be the only one I actually will not drop by mid-January J) is to restart my blog. Call it writer’s block, work overload or any other excuse available, fact is that I neglected my blog…

The signs have been there for months, but these last few weeks, it became very obvious: the balance of power in the labor market has shifted and today, the candidate is in the driver’s seat. With a few candidates who dropped out of a selection process recently, some even at the offer stage, it dawned on me that we still have not fully realized the impact of this power shift.

Numerous articles have been written about employer branding, marketing tactics, creating a talent pipeline and candidate experience (and yes, I have written some as well J) but the theory alone…

School has started and the summer season is coming to an end. When I look at my mailbox, a lot of people have done some soul searching at the poolside. Over the last few days, I have been receiving an increased number of e-mails informing me that person X is open for new opportunities. But in the massive flood of messages, how can you make your spontaneous application stand out?

· Personalize your message

I still receive a lot of mails to ‘undisclosed recipients’ merely stating that you are open for a new opportunity. I enjoy getting the feeling that…

Isabel Verhelst

Headhunter, passionate about matching the right people with the right opportunity

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